My name is Viara and I am a family, birth, and wedding photographer based in Kingston, Ontario.

Kingston, On 2017 (photo credit:  LIz cooper )

Kingston, On 2017 (photo credit: LIz cooper)

I was born in Bulgaria, and have lived in the United Kingdom, Saskatchewan, Toronto, and the Netherlands.

I used to be a parenting researcher. I got a PhD and everything. I analyzed thousands of mothers interacting with their children. I learned to notice tiny changes in expression, small movements, and complex family dynamics, skills which are integral to my photography today.

I now live on an acreage near Kingston, with my husband, three children, and a menagerie of animals. My days are spent with the crow of roosters out the window, while I drink much coffee and edit the photographs from the people who allow me a glimpse into their lives.

I was interviewed (below) for the Depth of Field podcast, and for ImageSource's Photographer's Eye series.

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I also love to write science-fiction: you can check out two of my short stories here and here.

What I do:

I am a photographer of life, which means I specialize in capturing the extraordinariness of both everyday moments and special occasions in our life.

I photograph births, weddings, family time, hockey games, and everything in between. I offer sessions from one hour to a full year.

Three reasons you should have me be your photographer:

amsterdam, nl 2014 (photo credit: galina Madjaroff)

amsterdam, nl 2014 (photo credit: galina Madjaroff)

  1. There are no rules for you!

    You choose what you want to do and where, and I will take the photographs. If you need ideas, I’m here to help! Best of all, no posing, staging, or matching outfits are required!

    **(At weddings, we can spend some time taking beautiful portraits of couples and groups, if you choose. I do this in a natural way that makes everyone feel at ease without taking too much of their time)**

  2. I am really good at making people comfortable

    (don’t take my word for it, read some client reviews)

  3. You never have to worry about logistics

    I’ve got backup gear, backup photographers, backup everything.

There is a never a better time to commit to effortless & epic photographs of your life than RIGHT NOW :)



I love to travel. I do the Toronto - Ottawa - Kingston circuit up to twice a month.

I've photographed families in Scotland & the Netherlands. 

For travel outside of Ontario, contact me to get a custom quote.