documentary family photographs have a healing ability

they make you see yourself as you really are: a powerful agent of love, joy, and strength in the lives of those you love

I couldn’t have imagined the profound effect of your photos/experience, but even a few years later our “year in the life” is still the best investment I’ve made.
— Jacklyn W.
boys at play during family documentary photography session

because your life...

is travel and discovery, it’s mess and chaos, strong emotion, crooked grins and motion, tears and joy and all the rest.

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“If you want photos that you could never in a million years get - look no further.”

-Bryan Stone



It is stressful. The kids cry. Outfits have to match. Smiles have to be forced. It’s money spent on fake moments.

None of this applies with family documentary/photojournalistic photography.

family documentary photography allows you to find the real beautify of the everyday moments

what is family documentary photography?

It’s a transformative experience of having your real life photographed and showing you the power of authenticity

rather than changing yourself and your children, documentary photography captures you just as you are, allowing you to see for yourself the extraordinary beauty of the everyday



children love it180919091958.jpg

Step one:

we meet and you tell me all about your family: what you enjoy to do, what a lazy Sunday in your house looks like, and what your children love

we plan

candid family photography kingston ottawa toronto

Step two:

we meet again and put our plans to action: you do some serious hang-out time with your kids, and I take the photographs

smiling during a candid documentary family photosession in toronto

Step three:

Your heart skips when you get your package: a photograph-box packed full of the most meaningful reminders of your incredible life and all its joys

lifetime reminders of all you did together as they grew


Want to see more? Watch some slideshows of other families!

(turn on the sound to best enjoy)

Day in the City with the Tans

Moving Day with the Clarks

Cottage Life with the Johnsons

Highlight reel 2018


Now ask yourself: What would your life look like in photographs?

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“Our experience with Viara was exceptional from start to finish. If you want to capture "a slice of life", this is it!”

-Jennifer Barrett

mother and baby in the park during a documentary family photography session

“We LOVED working with Viara! Her photos capture the uniqueness of ordinary experiences that may otherwise fly by.”

-Kathleen Staz

This family recently invited me to their cottage up by Devil Lak

“Viara is the kindest soul and her photos perfectly reflect the comfort she brings.

You feel like you are hanging out with a good pal who happens to occasionally hit click on her camera.”

-Malina Dockendorff

about me

I have a PhD in parenting, and studied hundreds of families interacting with their children. I left science in 2015 to become a photographer. My experience taught me two things:

(1) No two families are the same and (2) Every parent-child bond holds magic.

I aim to show people through photographs how wonderful they truly are - as parents and as humans.