girl on a swing during documentary photography session

your life is more

It’s more than posing in front of fancy backdrops. More than smiling on command.

It’s more than jutting out your chin, or blinking hard to flashing lights.

boys at play during family documentary photography session

your life...

is travel and discovery, it’s mess and chaos, strong emotion, crooked grins and motion, tears and joy and all the rest.


your life is personal...

and that is why you fell in love with it

Book an hour of documentary photography today and fall in love all over again.


family photography

documentary photography + whimsy. I call it photo-romance-journalism. because your life is more.


a carefree moment of pause. documentary-style portraits that are no less gorgeous.


your wedding is nothing like other weddings: it is yours. why not be happy about that?

mother and baby in the park during a documentary family photography session

“We LOVED working with Viara! Her photos capture the uniqueness of ordinary experiences that may otherwise fly by, under appreciated - for us, a casual stroll through the park. We can't wait to work with her again!”

-Kathleen S.

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