My name is Viara and I am a family photographer based in Kingston, and serving Toronto, Ottawa, and Southern Ontario.

Kingston, On 2017 (photo credit:  LIz cooper )

Kingston, On 2017 (photo credit: LIz cooper)

I was born in Bulgaria, and have lived in the United Kingdom, Saskatchewan, Toronto, and the Netherlands.

I used to be a parenting researcher. I got a PhD and everything. I analyzed thousands of mothers playing with their babies and I learned to notice tiny changes in expression, small movements, and complex family dynamics, which is integral to my photography today.

I now live on an acreage near Kingston, with my husband, three children, and a menagerie of animals. My days are spent with the crow of roosters out the window, while I drink ALL the coffee and surmise new ways to get people to fall in love with their real lives.

I was interviewed (below) for the Depth of Field podcast, and for ImageSource's Photographer's Eye series. I also love to write science-fiction: you can check out two of my short stories here and here.

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You should connect with me if:

amsterdam, nl 2014 (photo credit: galina Madjaroff)

amsterdam, nl 2014 (photo credit: galina Madjaroff)

  1. You wish there was a better way to do family photos

    There is! I have built my photography so that we both feel empowered: you feel it, because you choose exactly what you want to do and where, and I feel it because I get to do the thing I’m really good at. Maybe it’s because of all those years in academia (read my bio above), but I am REALLY good at catching candid moments and making them feel epic. This is all about capturing YOUR life, no fakery. No matching outfits are required ;)

  2. You are uncomfortable in front of the camera

    I understand exactly what you’re feeling, which is why I end up looking like the Jim Carey at his comedic best when I try to pose for a photo. For that reason, I’ve built my business around the belief that the best family photographs are un-orchestrated. I make people feel comfortable, because I’m more akin to a visiting friend than a conventional photographer.

  3. You like to do things your own way, and you are pretty darn happy with your life

    Candid family photography is for people who have a strong vision of their life and the life experiences they provide for their children. It is for people who value discovery, who aren’t afraid of new chapters, and who are optimists at heart. How do I know? Because I am that way, and so are all my current clients.