Fiona and Dusty's wedding

Dusty and Fiona have an intense and enduring love. This is so hard to find, you realise. When you find it, you grab it and you stick with it. Eleven years ago, they found it.
There’s an official story of how they got together, and then there’s the version they've reserved for family and friends (and now me). Regardless of the details of their beginning, the middle part’s pretty clear – they got hitched, in one of the most beautiful outdoor settings, on a perfect clear day, no rain in sight, and only family, friends, and love around.
I say middle part, but it’s actually an extended beginning. Because they’re going to have decades of happiness in front of them.

The wedding was on Fiona's parents' 160 acre farm. The vows and rings and first kiss took place in a serene forest ceremony, with an eclectic array of country chairs and cushions laid out for the guests, a family band (Fiona's sister on vocals, her sister's hubby on guitar) providing musical inspiration, and a string of lace leading the guests from the farm house through a tidy forest trail all the way to their chairs.

The vows induced a lot of tears. Tears from the bridesmaids, tears from Fiona. Tears as Dusty promised to always bring her poutine when she's having a bad day...

Happy tears led to laughs, when cherub-like little ring-bearer dropped the ring box down the aisle, when Dusty kissed Fiona so hard her dress strap snapped right off, when rose petals flew at Fiona and Dusty on their way out after the ceremony.

After the ceremony, and after millions of spontaneous and heartfelt grins and kisses, Fiona took time to snuggle her other loves: Snow (her dog) and Dancer (her horse). 

The speeches were honest. They involved talk of brassieres and ever-lasting love, womanizing, and who knows what else. (I was busy taking the photos). The meal was delicious.

And then, there was the dancing. 

Not sure anyone could have asked for anything more on this day.

Without further ado, I’ll present a few of the photographs of their day.

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