Wedding Photography | The colours of late summer: Julia & Nathan's wedding

A couple of months ago, I got to meet and second shoot for the lovely Jenna Simpson (About Image Photography). Here is that story, along with some of my favourite photographs of the day.

The wedding was in Belleville, on a family acreage surrounded by beautiful late summer Ontario country. Everything shines golden at this time of year with swollen crops before the harvest.

The guys – the groom and his closest men - got ready quickly and without a fuss. They leant each other helping hands with the suspenders, and at one point, the blind pug made an escape. There were a few ‘Men in Black’ moments, which thrilled the suit-loving side of me.

The limo ride to the farm was full of energy and expectation. Blue Bud Light fuelled the feeling.

A picture-perfect ceremony setting awaited, overlooking fields of green lined with apple trees.

To the left, there was a large tent for dinner and dancing, and a smaller tent over the bar. And beyond that, the fanciest outdoor toilets you ever did see, complete with glass sinks and music.

The guests started to arrive. They found seating and the groomsmen, lined up in a row, trained their gazes on the approaching limo, from which emerged a beautiful mother and daughter pair, dressed in white. The bride beamed, a gorgeous crimson red kind of smile.

The ceremony was lit by high sun, making the greens greener, the blues bluer, and the happiness in the air almost electric.

Afterwards, cocktail hour (definitely a highlight) quietly rolled into dinner hours, Jenna took portraits outside while guests milled around. Kids played, music rang out, lanterns were released after dusk, and the DJ kept the dancing alive for hours.

Sometimes the people, the scene, the seasons - it all comes together just right. It gives rise to beautiful colour and spectacular vibes. That was what happened that day.

I thank Jenna for asking me to be her 2nd shooter that day, and I wish Julia and Nathan happiness and marital bliss, with all the vibrant colours of a shared life lived well.