why do we party?

My personality test says I'm smack-dab in the middle of introvert & extravert, so being a photographer at parties & weddings works out pretty well: I get to be around tons of people, but I don't have to interact with every single one of them ;) #Winning.

Recently I photographed three birthday parties in nine days.

One of them was a surprise party. Two of them were 50th parties. Two of them had cats. One of them had two cakes. One of them: salami whips. One of them had a fully consensual boob-grabbing shot that I took in a dark room (sorry, I can't show you that one. just take my word for it - it was good).

What am I trying to say with this endless list?

That no two parties are alike. That’s the theme, lately, isn’t it? No two families are alike, no two parties are alike, no two kids, no two anything.

So if parties are so unique and unpredictable, why do we have them and attend them? Maybe because they are so unpredictable. Or maybe because there are two things that are for sure going to happen at a birthday party:

  1. you will eat food (maybe even cake)

  2. you will see people who love you

Here are some photos: 

Party #1:

 Party #2:

Party #3: