Aging has made my eyes better

one of my favourites of this shoot, from only a few weeks ago wh

It must be true. Sometimes I feel like I've been walking blind for years. Especially at this time of year. Has fall always been this beautiful? Or maybe age has made me process visual information differently (yeah, that's more likely, my cognitive psych brain says). 

I used to marvel at my grandmother's ability to see the beauty in a red shrub, to pause on the side of the road to admire the yellow maples reflecting off a placid St. Lawrence river inlet.

Now I'm slowly turning into her. Plus, I lug my camera around to document it, as if it might suddenly disappear and never return. Who knows? Global change and all...

Today's blog is really just an excuse to share a few photos I took recently from client shoots that represent the beauty of fall. (for non-client work, check my previous post where me and the Kid went for a walk and found a rock). 

So, enjoy. Because winter is coming.