I'm fascinated by motion

Just like those photographers in the 1880s who suddenly experienced a re-awakening with the advent of gelatin-silver bromide plates, I'm perpetually thrilled - and have been for about the last 6 years - by the ability of a camera to freeze motion.

When I shot on auto for years, whether I got real good stills of motion or blurry ones kind of depended on external factors. How much light was coming in, mostly. I'm into limitations, so it was a little bit neat to wait and see what turned up.

Here are a couple of photos I took while living in the Netherlands:

Since realizing that a camera can be *manipulated*, my fascination with motion has deepened. I'd say it's a distinctive part of my approach to family photography.  Some of my favourite shots depict frozen moments: Kids jumping off couches, kids jumping in fields, kids blowing dandelions, skateboarders, people in mid-stride. 

Here are a couple more recent photographs I took of motion: