A day in the life of a hockey family: Candid photography at the rink.

Well, this session is from last year, and by some completely horrible omission, I forgot to blog about it, and I forgot to make a video about it.

Sooo… here it goes!

This family invited me to photograph their day in the life on a busy Saturday during which their older son had two hockey games. I went there in the morning, and followed them around all day until the end of the second game.

In between the games, they went home for lunch, games, and hang out times.

There are so many things I loved about hanging out with this family, and about the resulting photographs.

First, I loved how they are totally committed to supporting their son’s hockey. It can be demanding and stressful, but the entire family - little sis included - is there 100%.

Second, i loved how close they all are. They talked everything out - the wins, the losses. They bonded over music they were choosing for the dressing room.

Third, I loved their cats. They were all highly photogenic, even when they tried to hide from me in random spots.

Fourth, I loved the decor of the home. The rich reds made for a great splash of colour in the photos, especially because outside it was so drab (late fall is not the best season for colour…)

I loved that they invited me to eat with them (I had delicious pancakes and turkey bacon, orange juice and coffee <3) and I pretty much loved everything about that day.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow, and I really hope it shows you how a ‘typical’ Saturday in the life of a hockey family can look in photographs.

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