Family photography: at the pool

Interesting photography can happen anywhere. Even at the pool. When the kids are young are you are running them from one place to another, finding the little moments becomes a big thing. Many people overthink it, though. Myself included.

I brought my cheap little Nikon along for some trial shots at the pool one day. A couple of things became obvious to me about the final product.

family photography at the pool - aquamarine blue

The light, the aquamarine of the water - it made for photographs with atmosphere you might not think you'd find hanging around the pool deck.

documentary family photography at the pool

And even though it was a hectic place - screaming kids, nervous parents, loud trainers - the photographs speak of a tranquility and openness.

documentary family photography at the pool, Kingston

The moral of this story is that what you extract from life often depends on how you view it. And for me, one of the best ways to transform an overwhelming or dull place is through the lens.